Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects in "Wild Child"

Here's the result of my first experiment with the "Salon Effects" nail polish strips by Sally Hansen. While I do love DIY nail art, the truth is that I'm an impatient kind of girl. So these no-dry strips seemed like a dream come true! My mom bought these for us to try awhile back. When I opened it, I discovered one of the little packets containing the strips had already been opened. Thinking my mom had just opened it to check out the pattern, I brushed this off. Unfortunately, upon reading the instructions, I quickly realized that once the packet has been opened, the strips lose their stickiness. Being the frugal Asian-American that I am, I refused to throw out an entire handful of otherwise perfectly good nail polish strips. My solution? Using a basecoat, then immediately sticking the strips down while the polish is still...damp? The final effect didn't turn out as clean as I thought it would, but hey, it was my first time! I guess I don't mind that they didn't turn out TOO perfect...I ended up going wakeboarding with my boyfriend and his family the next day, which scuffed up my nails anyhow. ;p
All in all, I think I would give these strips another shot. The designs are too cool to pass up!   

birthday swag from Sephora!

*excuse the non-rotation, even when I rotate my photos right-side up when I import them, they don't stay that way.

One of the many benefits of being a Beauty Insider at Sephora is that they give you a free gift on your birthday: this year's gift is a body wash from the Philosophy line. It smells like vanilla cupcakes! Happy birthday indeed. <3