Wednesday, February 27, 2013

City Eats

For the past four months, I've been interning at a nonprofit in San Francisco. The office is located right between North Beach and SF Chinatown, so I'm close by some good eats! As much as I love me a good Subway sandwich, I've been trying to avoid chains and try as many new places as possible. I've written about a couple of these places on Yelp.

Here are the places I've tried so far, organized by cuisine:




  • Bund Shanghai Restaurant
I also tried an international food court one day, and have been wanting to go back ever since. (It's on Bush Street, for those of you who are familiar with the FiDi!) They serve Japanese, Korean, Mexican, Filipino, Vietnamese and Chinese. I was so overwhelmed that I broke down and bought what I felt most familiar with- a bento box. Too safe! I really want to try the bibambap next time. =) Luckily, my internship got extended, so I'll have at least another month to try more places! I'm hoping my wallet and waistline are up for this, lol.  

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Personal Beauty Buying Guide

This list was compiled by another beauty blogger. I'm taking this list with a grain of salt, as I know some of the companies here are questionable. But it's a good place to start!

Call me a little late, but I've finally decided collect my thoughts and put down my beauty resolutions in (virtual) writing. This year, I want to become more conscious about the products I use on my face, hair, body and nails. And if I can accomplish this while lessening my impact on the environment, that's even better.

My goal is to buy products that meet as many of the following standards as possible (if it's only meets one, that's cool, but the more it meets, the higher its chances are of becoming a product I rebuy in the future)

1) environmentally friendly* (including recyclable packaging)
2) cruelty free*
3) benefits a charity of some sort

*I know there's broaaad definitions of "environmentally friendly" and "cruelty free"- believe me, I will take more time to read up on the topic.

I know and openly acknowledge that I am not perfect- a lot of the products I still own do conduct animal testing and contain questionable sounding ingredients. But this year, I will take the time to research and support companies that do not test their products on animals/support green policies, and cut down on products that do.

While doing a Blackle search (a "green" search engine option), I came across multiple lists of beauty companies that supposedly do not test on animals. I notice that many of the brands are still questionable (see above photo), so for now, I'm going to list brands that I personally use and that I've done research on, and provide links that lead directly to their policy page. I'll be editing this post again soon- I use way more than the two I have below, but I'm too lazy to add everything right now. ;p

Burt's Bees
-e.l.f. cosmetics
LUSH Cosmetics
-Rimmel London
-Too Faced
-Urban Decay
-Yes To